About Us

Hydramem High Performance Membranes

Ion Exchange (India) Limited pioneered water treatment in India and is today the country’s premier water and environment management company with a strong global presence. With over 57 years of expertise, we are among few companies worldwide with an entire range of technologies, processes, products and services catering to every sector – industrial, institutional, municipal and households – urban and rural.

In 1978, Ion Exchange was the first company in India to apply reverse osmosis technology as a complementary technology to ion exchange process for water treatment.

Way back in 1987, the company recognized the potential of membrane separation and purification process for industrial and domestic applications, and pioneered the manufacturing of RO membranes in India by setting up a membrane elements manufacturing facility in Gujarat – India.

Since then, under the brand name Hydramem we have being offering a wide range of membrane elements for industrial, institutional and domestic applications.

Hydramem – High Performance Membranes which belong to the latest generation of membrane technology conforming to international standards are now manufactured at our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified facility in Goa, India.