Ultra Filtration (UF)

Hydramem Ultrafiltration Modules are hollow fiber membranes designed for treatment of wide variety of applications such as Brackish Water (Ground, River & Surface), Municipal Waste, Industrial Effluents & Sea Water for Potable as well as Process use.

Hydramem UF modules are available in both configurations: Modified PES fibers (In to Out) and PVDF fibers (Out to In).

This State of the Art Membrane module comes with MWCO of 100,000 Daltons (100 KD) which utilizes optimum energy and gives consistent permeate quality of SDI < 3.

PES (In to Out)
1 HM UF PES 60 Know MoreView PDF
2 HM UF PES 80 Know MoreView PDF
PVDF (Out to In)
1 HM UF PVDF 70 Know MoreView PDF
2 HM UF PVDF 80 Know MoreView PDF
3 HM UF 80 PVDF-i-flo Know MoreView PDF


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