Low Pressure RO Membranes

HYDRAMEM Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide (thin Film) Composite low pressure elements require very low operating feed pressure. This unique feature ensures that an RO system installed with these membranes requires far lesser energy and operational cost while treating low salinity water.

HYDRAMEM low pressure membranes offers high salt rejection and permeate flows.

HYDRAMEM low pressure RO membranes are available in a wide range for domestic, industrial and institutional usage.

1 HM 1810 LPE 60 Know MoreView PDF
2 HM 1812 LPE 80 Know MoreView PDF
3 HM 1812 LPE 100 Know MoreView PDF
1 HM 4021 LPE Know MoreView PDF
2 HM 4040 LPE Know MoreView PDF
1 HM 8040 LPE 400 Know MoreView PDF


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