HYDRAMEM Seawater Element (SWE) spiral wound Cross Linked Fully Aromatic Polyamide (thin Film) Composite membranes, produce high-quality water and reduce overall cost. HYDRAMEM SWE is a high-performance membrane which ensures product reliability and consistent performance thus meeting stringent water quality requirements.

The benefits of HYDRAMEM SWE are as follows:

  1. High NaCl and boron rejection to help meet the industrial requirement and other drinking water standards.
  2. The active surface area which enhances productivity and operating flux.
  3. Extended membrane life expectancy.
  4. HYDRAMEM SWE are more rigid and may be cleaned over a wider pH range (1-13).
1 HM 4040 SWE Know MoreView PDF
2 HM 8040 SWE 400 Know MoreView PDF


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